A typical PDR Technician or PDR repairing company is armed with the knowledge in the recognition and techniques associated with paintless dent repair of automobiles. A very experienced pdr technician develops almost an instant gut feeling as to the feasibility of the repair on any vehicle as well as a good estimate in terms of the pricing.

The task of a PDR Technician is to work as part of a team to quote and repair vehicles. Alternatively, they can attach themselves as a sole trader or partnership and contract as part of a PDR company

PDR  hail dent companies particularly those that are mobile have many functionalities given their unique and seasonal nature:

  • gather information/intelligence and contacts that could lead to future and impending hailstorms that would provide work
  • research the severity, extent and feasibility of the storm event for available work
  • set up in storm zones within days of the event
  • quote vehicles for hail damage
  • schedule repairs and ordering parts
  • repair the vehicles
  • quality assurance
  • schedule the return of the vehicles back to the owner