Hail Dent – how hail dents vary in size and intensity

varying-hail-dents-on-bonnet1-300x200Hail dents on vehicles can vary in both size and severity depending on how large the hail was, the angle of impact and also the strength of the winds. The shape of the hailstones also vary from one storm to another and even in the same storm. Such variability can introduce another complexity in the types of dents on any vehicle.

Having been involved in impact testing of artificial ice balls, the engineers of this specific experiment were firing the ice balls onto roof tiles at the terminal velocity so to speak at varying angles. Visualising the same approach to the surface of a vehicle, once can get some idea of how and why the hail dents can vary on the vehicle.

The hail size and intensity varies in different parts of a hailstorm and this also changes as the storm passes over a location. So a vehicle that has parked itself or moves through the storm event also impacts on the variation of the throughout the storm system. The direction of impact on each panel depends on wind speed and  direction.

And then, notwithstanding the variables above, to add even further to all this complexity, the variation of panel gauge (thickness)  sometimes even within the same vehicle and size of the panel also creates variation of hail dent size and depth. There may for instance be hail dents peppering the bonnet and boot and not so much on the roof. cropped-hail_damaged_card_the_dent_shed-300x108-150x90The reason for this can be explained that often in this international automobile industry, various parts are produced in differing countries and therefore with differing gauge thickness representative of the quality standards and requirements local to that country.

All in all, education and knowledge of these factors assists hail dent removal repairers in the recognition and quotation as well as the repair process.