We do provide a myriad of paintless dent removal courses. This varies from quick online courses to dedicated hands on PDR Training Courses. For those who have already been trained or wish to learn more about the PDR industry may benefit from our dedicated PDR eBook! This has over 90 pages of the top secrets about the PDR industry!

So what do you learn in PDR Training?

I want to just do PDR tools and techniques – is that what you offer in the 5 Day Practical Training Course?

The 5 Day Course Practical Training is 100% PDR hands on. All business components and theory have been taken out of the PDR Day Courses and put into the Online Course known as the PDR eBook.

The 3 or 5 Day PDR Courses are completed in a workshop with tools, lights etc at one of our locations.

Is there theory or a business related component?

As suggested above, our courses are 100% PDR hands on practical courses! Our theory if any are required are included in the PDR eBook which encompass approximately 90 pages of very useful information and secrets about the PDR industry including structure and business of paintless dent removal.

Do you offer tools?

We used to offer tools for much higher price but decided to bring down the pricing of the course by excluding the tools. There was too much outlay in previous courses when tools were offered and the risk of not running any courses. We are then stuck with the tools.

Tools can be purchased online or locally – just search for PDR tools. The recommended tools in the industry are consistently – Ultradent or Dentcraft. For those who want to support Australian Made, there is an Australian set of tools  from Dentools Australia but we have little information about their performance. The most important component is the types of metal used to allow smooth actions in terms of performance. Ohh and a word of warning, purchases $1000 value and over can incur import taxes! Be careful – it can add fees plus 5% of the value – you would also need to consider the GST and your business.

Do we need to get tools prior to the course?

To get the stress and confusion out of the picture, any first contact with us, I tend to suggest not to get tools until after the course. Some insist on getting it prior to give it a go and that’s ok too.

Will I get a certificate for this course?

There is a certificate of attainment with assessed recommendations for both the 3 Day, 5 Day and advanced PDR Courses.

Will I get a job once the course is complete?

Not right away and definitely not hail repair work. And remember in any industry, there is no guarantee of work. We do encourage our graduates to look into local retail work such as car yards and take on your own work you can seriously attempt – you know your own skills set and confidence and you need to be honest with yourself. It also builds confidence and excitement knowing that as you practice you are actually earning something for your troubles.

There is still 6 to 12 months minimum of dedicated practice before the trainee has the confidence to do PDR in the real world. We do provide support during this period and encourage graduates to make contact.

Although not guaranteed, those that show enthusiasm can make some form of arrangement to work within the PDR Industry. This has successfully been applied to enthusiastic applicants from the past!

I hate my job and want to do PDR right away!

I now this can be seen as a motivative push to succeed but be careful and wise. There are two main components to consider in PDR: you need to know how to do PDR and also sell yourself. You need to have a supply of work. It may take 2 years if not longer depending on your links in the automotive repair and servicing industry to gather your customer base.

Whatever decision you make requires that you consider that income needs to come through to pay the bills! So staying in your own job or at the least a part time job to survive and doing PDR in the after hours is recommended for most until your customer base and skills set and accuracy improve.

How do I know that your course is legitamite?

We have graduates from our courses in the past and they had excellent things to say about our courses. There have been rumours (not necessarily directed at us but have had questions raised with Jimmy during conversations) that we and possibly others only offer a ‘basic course’. These rumours are totally unfounded and terribly unfair. What is a ‘basic course’ anyway? Furthermore, how do they know – did they attend our PDR courses as we didn’t attend theirs either.

PDR Training Australia all run businesses that are 100% focused on customers. 

PDR Training Australia provides 100% all the techniques that are required to do PDR. We also provide support following the courses and absolutely encourage contact over the following months to see how you are progressing. These followup sessions are critical to the maturing of your techniques.

In our research, a similar set of skills were provided in a course overseas – co-incidently and remarkably very similar to the modules and structure that we have developed in our courses.

We are now hearing more and more successes of trainees who have made the industry – you want proof we are willing to provide it! Ask Jimmy on 0408020468! Don’t listen to rumours

Online course and 3 or 5 DAY course/ deposits – I am confused – what is the cost of the course -?

Our PDR Course Pricing are listed here

Your Courses are too expensive?

To our knowledge, and you need to read very carefully what you pay for, but our courses are one of and perhaps the lowest priced from what we can tell. All our prices and what we offer are online. Please let us know of any other course that offers at a lower pricing. And yes if you look at it from a 3 day or 5 day perspective yes it seems expensive but remember we offer 365 day support. Also remember, some pdr technicians paid $20,000 to $40,000 to train years ago!

Further to this, for what you pay and what potential you can earn in the future, from a business perspective this potential cannot be ignored! Not one person has been sorry for enrolling in our courses – in fact they thank us for offering that opportunity.

I can’t do the course at this time – are your fees going to go up?

We have no plans to raise prices at this point based on what is on offer. If anything, we are now offering a much more flexible pricing structure to give as many people a chance to enter this incredible and lucrative industry. Actually our pricing have remained stable for the past 10 years!